Quick Start Demo

The Sentrius™ IG60-BL654 Greengrass Build comes preloaded with an AWS Greengrass sandbox environment within a Linux operating system, and is ready to be provisioned and connected to AWS out of the box. Laird Connectivity's cloud demo allows you to connect the Sentrius™ IG60-BL654 Greengrass Build to our demonstration service and start sending status data within minutes.

This demo shows how quick and easy it can be to add multiple IG60-BL654s to your AWS instance. With just a few configured settings, the device pulls down its configuration, installs, reboots, and begins operation.


In order to set up your IG60 for the demonstration, you'll need the following, included in your IG60-BL654 development kit:

  • Sentrius™ IG60-BL654 Greengrass Build
  • 2x dipole antennas
  • AC Power supply (fitted with your regional plug adapter, also included)

Mobile App

In addition, you'll need to download the Sentrius Connect application for your mobile device (available for iOS and Android).

Open Ports

For AWS IoT Greengrass to connect to AWS, you’ll need make sure the following ports are open:

  • 443
  • 8443 (outbound, HTTPS)
  • 8883 (outbound, MQTT)

If your PC is on the same network as the IG60-BL654, you can check if these ports are open by visiting the following links. If the page loads, the port is open! If the page hangs or fails to load, you’ll need to talk to your IT department about opening these ports.




Next Steps

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